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as pure as the driven slush

Shamelessly copied and pasted from my first post:

Well hello there, LJers. My unfortunate real-life name is Steph (though I have a number of online noms de guerre that I used to rotate about. But then I decided, eh, eff it, what do I have to hide?). I am seventeen years of age, a reluctant resident of Beijing, China (I'm not a local, obviously - I go to an international school), and a high school senior desperately eager to graduate so that she does not have to live through one more day of IB hell (for those of you who don't know what IB is, consider yourselves fortunate).

Erm, so...as you can tell by my extremely and boringly blank journal, I am brand spankin' new to LJ. Well, maybe not brand new, since I have a tendency to lurk a lot, but new enough so that I have no freaking idea what I will even post about. I've never been known to be able to commit to anything for an extended period of time (I have the attention span of a fly...), and I've never, ever tried my hand at blogging, so this may never work. Who knows, though? Maybe this'll be an outlet for me. God knows I have latent anger issues (not severe enough to warrant a trip to the psychiatrist, I don't think, but bad enough so that I swear waaaaaay more than is necessary).

I am a self-induced insomniac in a major way. If you were wondering at all (unlikely), it is 5AM and I haven't slept yet. There are way too many things to do, and too little time, so I rarely sleep, and when I do, it's probably for 14 hours straight over the weekend. I know I'm probably slowly killing myself, but...meh, whatever. I'm, like, superhuman. I don't need it.

As you can probably see, I ramble a lot. I'm a very talkative person, and if you hate talkative, redundant people, it's probably best to ignore me. I actually tend to be a lot more concise in everyday life (read: off the internet), but I also tend to find the internet more interesting than life a lot of the time (saddening, I know), so maybe that's why.

I'm pretty opinionated, so I get fired up about a lot of things...politics is one of them, though I try my very best not to shove my beliefs down other people's throats. Apathy irritates me a hell of a lot more; it's like, you're living in this world, so you might as well know what's going on inside it. I hate that I have classmates who have no idea about what's happening in Libya. I mean, obviously I'm not that well-informed either, so maybe I'm being a hypocrite. But at least I care? I dunno.

Man, I sound pretty pretentious right now. Sorry about that - I don't really mean to, I just tend to write like a bit of a smart-arse when I'm hyper.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and let my interests speak for themselves (?).

FAVORITE TV SHOWs: The Daily Show (Jon Stewart is epicepicamazing and my idol), Criminal Minds, and NCIS sometimes. Anything else can suck it.

MUSIC: The Vines, The Strokes, The Gaslight Anthem, The Killers, Radiohead, etc.

BOOKS: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (the book from which my username is derived), Fast Food Nation, and I think dystopian novels in general. And Harry Potter, of course.

MOVIES: Gattica? Blood Diamond? I thought Easy A was pretty fun. Dunno, don't really watch movies much.


BLOGS: NYMag's "The Daily Intel" and "The Cut"

SITES: Refinery29, Lookbook.nu, Style.com, and I read LifeHacker a lot now when I'm bored.

I am (originally) from New Jersey. And proud.
I'm a vegetarian (practically since birth).
I ice skated for ten years, and then quit junior year, sadly.
I am a chronic procrastinator. I can never get anything done until 3AM the morning it is due.
I edit my school's newspaper.
I run cross-country.
I love traveling. I actually went to Guatemala last summer on a service trip, and it was the best thing ever.

This one app-thing on Facebook once said that I'd visited 7% of the countries in the world. Thought that was pretty cool.
I once thought it'd be the coolest thing ever to be a model scout/work at a modeling agency, so I can I.D. a bunch of pretty people in the glossies that you've probably never heard of. My fave's probably Abbey Lee Kershaw, 'cause her personality's super refreshing.
I'm actually super Type A/a crazy perfectionist. I take twice as long as everyone else to do something, and as a result, have no life.
I swear a lot, as I've already mentioned. Not so much in this post, but be warned.

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT hesitate to hit me up! I probably want to talk to you waaaaay more than you want to talk to me. So yeah, that's all for now. Over and out!