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la peste and other things

 Gawd, isn't he the cutest?! 

Anywho, onto...more unpleasant things. AKA, life. In which cuteass boys like the one up there are really effin' rare.

I just spent the past few hours perfecting an article in which I call out this pompous windbag called Keith Schneider on being a pompous windbag. Seriously, he comes into our school and delivers this sucker of an ugly political polemic that I have no energy to comment on at the mo'. It's during this lecture on the current water crisis that he's delivering as part of a top-notch journalistic organization called Circle of Blue. I could not be more disgusted with him; it's like he didn't even respect us enough as an intelligent and sentient audience to tamp down the rhetoric a little. I think bipartisan politics in school is fine if kept at a minimum, but not if you go the whole hog and in front of an audience with middle schoolers in it.

Am now trying to read Camus' La peste in full French. I don't know who the fuck I'm kidding; needing a dictionary for seven words per page means I'm in it for the long haul. Like, I'm on page two and all I know is that this novel takes place in Oran which is some place in Algeria with no pigeons and no trees and the only way you can tell the seasons have changed is from the sky. Also, something to do with baskets and wings. But what the hell, huh? If this is an excuse for "review" for my IB French exam tomorrow, I am so up for it.

I think I'm kind of fed up with high school for the last time. I guess you could say it's ending, one day at a time (like life, if you want to go all Palahniuk-y about it) , but damn, I just want it to be over. I don't want to go to graduation; it just seems like drawing it out into this one long over-the-top affair. I hate my school. It's like, just give me my diploma and let me go! On the plus side, I've got about two weeks to go until that day and then I'm home freeeeeee. It's back to Jersey in July, and I'm sad to say I might actually miss this city, even though I've always viewed it as a dump. I guess suburbia is kind of shite in comparison, if I think about it.

Oh right, that reminds me! IB is done tomorrow, too! Guess I've jumped through almost all the hoops for my secondary education, and it feels kinda surreal but still all kinds of awesome.

LOLOLOL I just saw that the world was supposed to end yesterday. All I wanna say is that if the Second Coming does come, I'd rather it be in the form of a zombie apocalypse. Is that so wrong? :P 

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