as pure as the driven slush

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Shit-related idioms/words I MUST use in everyday conversation.

  • Shooting the shit
  • Shitflanges
  • The shit hath hitteth the fan
  • Shitting bricks
  • Shit-for-brains
  • Do bears shit in the woods?
  • To give the shits
  • To be the shits
  • Shit-listed!
  • How shitacular
  • Pantsshitter of the first water
 ...KK, I've fulfilled my loser quota for the day BYE

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Um, do bears shit in the woods? :O
As in, DO they? ;D


Some equivalents, courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

Is the Pope Catholic?
Is Bill Gates rich?
Does a duck swim?

IMO the bear one is indubitably the best. :D

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