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Political Typology: Post-Modern
 According to the Pew Research Center Political Typology Quiz, I’m a ....



What They Believe
  • Generally supportive of government, though more conservative on race policies and the safety net
  • Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection
  • Most (56%) say Wall Street helps the economy more than it hurts
  • Very liberal on social issues, including same-sex marriage
  • One of the least religious groups: nearly a third are unaffiliated with any religious tradition
  • Favor the use of diplomacy rather than force
Who They Are
  • The youngest of the typology groups: 32% under age 30
  • A majority are non-Hispanic white and have at least some college experience
  • Half live in either the Northeast or the West
  • A majority (58%) live in the suburbs
  • 63% use social networking
  • One-in-five regularly listen to NPR; 14% regularly watch The Daily Show.
How completely and utterly....unsurprising! Though I've never heard the term "post-modern" applied to political typology before.

On a completely different note, IB exams are ongoing, and for nerdatron examophobes like me that is NOT GOOD NEWS. Especially since I have Chem on Monday and maybe 60 hours of exam material to go through. I had the English Paper 1, and Math Paper 1 & 2 this week, so...three down, eleven to go!

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I turned out to be a New Coalition Democrat, so we're almost in the same description! :)

That's pretty cool! And I like your icon! Though I don't really understand it, sadly.

Found a more specific quiz here and thought you might be interested. This one labeled me as a "left moderate social libertarian," though I've never thought of myself as a libertarian.

That's pretty cool! And I like your icon! Though I don't really understand it, sadly.

Thanks! As for not really understanding it, what part of it needs explaining?

Also, I ended up as a "center-left social authoritarian" in that other quiz, though I never saw myself as authoritarian or either left OR right (even center-left or center-right).

Not much, haha. That was just me being brain-dead thanks to 20+ hours of furious chem cramming.

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