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Feeling the overwhelming urge to slap myself repeatedly on the face
shu qi
 So, um, I'm feeling the overwhelming urge to slap myself repeatedly on the face. I mean, self-loathing sets in, on average, maybe once a week, but it hasn't been so bad in a while. I wasn't particularly upset today, or anything - in fact, I had a pretty inane kind of day, during which I giggled stupidly a lot more than is healthy - but...urgh. The world is being pretty horrible at the mo', to a lot of really good people.

To look on the bright side, tomorrow is a different day! It will be better.

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Hopefully things will get better!

Thank you! :] It has already, I think! I mean, it's gotten a lot warmer, it's the weekend...

Feeling better now, love?
I hope so. ♥

Sorry for the extremely late and lame reply, but I'm definitely feeling boatloads better. I'm officially on Spring Break now, so it's a bit difficult not to. Thanks so much for asking! <3 It means a lot.

My two cents worth: I think you are an amazing woman. You are so much more aware of what is happening around the world than most of your peers and you are so smart. There is nothing more attractive in a woman than brains.
It is amazing how weather affects our moods, isn't it? I think I need to move someplace where the weather is always beautiful. I have friends that moved to California from Missouri and they often comment on how they miss the seasonal changes. I think I could live without them.

Thank you! That's very kind of you.

And indeed, after spending seven years in a country with what must be the worst weather imaginable (smog blanketing the buildings every day), I'm craving a bit of good weather myself. Cold doesn't usually bother me that much, though - I just can't stand the heat.

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