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Japan earthquake
Stay strong, Japan...

I'm praying for you... :[

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Recent events do tend to give one pause.
I am curious about the news coverage and the reaction there in China to all the events in Japan. Are they talking about the nuclear reactors?
The video that keeps playing in my mind is one I saw taken from a helicopter that was following the tsunami as it progressed up a river and over flowed farmland until it hit a little town. As it came into the town cars were frantically trying to escape the oncoming water. When a traffic jam stopped the cars from moving, people left their cars and tried to outrun the water on foot. The cameraman seemed oblivious to the humans and panned around at the next wave coming in. So, I will never know the fate of the poor souls running for thier lives.

There's been a bit of paranoia here and there - a text recently circulated around, purporting that a radiation cloud would soon spread over all of Asia, but that obviously turned out to be a hoax. People here are concerned that the radiation from the reactors will reach China, but so far there hasn't been any reason to fear contamination. There was lots of media coverage when the earthquake happened, but it seems to have gradually faded out, as with media coverage everywhere else. Actually, the anti-Japanese sentiment is pretty strong here (what with the Japanese torture that occurred during/immediately prior to WWII) - all of my family members know/have been linked to someone killed by the Japanese, so a lot of people are spouting bull about how it is "karma" and retribution - not unlike those in the States who've said the same thing because of Pearl Harbor.

Yeah, the video footage has really emphasized how horrific the situation is. :[ I hate to think how the same thing could happen in Beijing...death toll would be heaps higher because of how poor the infrastructure is.

It's a really, really bad situation, though, and it's only deteriorating. The earthquake's going to have MAJOR repercussions for the future.

Given the direction of the jet-stream I think any atomospheric radiation plume is more likely to hit California than China. A nuclear meltdown is going to be bad for somebody. I wouldn't wish it on anyone from anywhere.
I am amazed and appalled at some of the comments I've seen. People saying this is karma for the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor. There were undoubtedly far more Chinese victims of the Japanese during World War II than there were Americans at Pearl Harbor. However, I believe they are a different people now.

People never cease to surprise me. I have 2 nieces (in their 20's) who are 50% Chinese - extraordinarily beautiful girls. They live in Southern California where there is a large Asian population. I have noticed on their Facebook photos that their friends are almost exlusively Asian. I always wonder if it's just easier? Have they been subjected to prejudice? I just pisses me off to think about it.

I agree that there are going to be repercussions. And in many ways, I expect the Oil Compaines to use it as an excuse to raise prices again among others.

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