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Writer's Block: Satisfying the craving
What's your favorite midnight snack, and why?

Literally anything I can get my hands on. I'd probably start munching on my keyboard if I were desperate enough.

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Ikr? At that time of night, anything edible would do. (and sometimes this doesn't even factor in!)

Yeah, seriously! Like, right now it's 1:30AM, and I'm munching on a delicious infusion of pen cap (I don't normally do this, I swear) and wasabi crackers.

Haha, you're making me hungry! But luckily, I've got instant noodles on hand. :D

Sorry. Oh well, I gave you a reason to eat them! Or something. :D

I must confess I've made myself even more hungry, so I went downstairs and stuffed my face full of crackers.

Those instant noodles sound pretty good right about now. Crackers leave you a bit...blah, sometimes.

Just to clarify - crackers of the non-wasabi variety. Wow, I'm cracking myself up!

Heh. Heh. Heh.


Holy shit~ the microwave burst half way through making the noodles. :O
That was crazy as hell!

OH MY GOSH. Is it okay? And more importantly, are you okay?

I'm guessing your noodles didn't make it out alive...

That is scary! Sorry for accidentally making that happen.

lol. Not your fault...I was thinking about it all night. xD
And would you believe it, the noodles were fine. (albeit, a little undercooked!)
And I'm alright...I just put the container in and walked out of the room when BANG! happened.

LOL. Well at least you can assuage your microwave-fears by eating the noodles? Don't know if that makes any sense at all, but it's 3AM and I'm still working on my English presentation, so...

But yeah, hope your microwave is okay too. I'm scared when kitchen appliances die on me - it's like, what if I get hungry tomorrow? Or in two hours? D:

Hehe, good luck with finishing that on time. ♥
I wish I had something to's so boring being on a break from school, even the endless homework is starting to sound good.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, when I tell my parents I bust up the #1 used kitchen appliance in our house! ;)

Thanks! I'm a pro at doing last-minute work, though, and a total perfectionist, so if I'm not up until 4AM I'm not satisfied. All will be fine.

Augh, I envy you so much! I can see why you'd be bored, but at the same time, I'd kill for a break right around now...and be careful what you wish for! IMO boredom trumps endless homework 2340928340923 times, because homework = boredom. I was always good at occupying my time with other things...

Good luck! :P And your icon seems strangely appropriate...

lol. I JUST noticed the irony in my icon. Wow. :)
Good luck, either way. I'm a pro at last minute miracles too, so I feel ya!

Thanks! I've got fifteen minutes and I'm just going to finish this thing, so ttyl!

HAHA, I couldn't agree more XD! The things the IBO did to me 8D Even now I need to have my midnight snacks!

I know, right?! They've become a daily staple. I might as well just have a fourth meal. I usually end up cleaning out the refrigerator anyway...

Same here. I'm known for the midnight snack monster in my family. Whenever someone hears noise in the kitchen at night it's "Nah, don't worry about it. It's just her clearing out the fridge." XD

Exactly! The first time I went down at like, 4AM, for a midnight snack, my dad had to demand where his dumplings had gone (I, naturally, had inhaled them all). He's used to me eating his leftovers now.

HAHA, sounds so familiar! I've also become my dad's leftover vacuum.. pretty decent job though, I gotta say!

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